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Post-Vasectomy Advice 

Comprehensive post operative instructions are given after your vasectomy including a contact mobile number from Dr Burns. He is dedicated to assisting you should there be any post operative problems. If you are worried about any symptoms then he is ready to answer your questions. 


Limiting your activities ( no heavy lifting for 10 days) and maintaining good hygeine will assist your post operative experience. Intermittent cooling and simple analgesics are usually all that is required for pain management. It is very important to avoid immersing the wound for 7 days. Showering rather than taking a bath is advised. Please let us know if you think that there may be any complications. This is important for your comfort and safety as well as for surgical audit purposes.


Return to sexual activity is OK after 7 days whilst still maintaining your previous contraceptive method. Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis (PVSA) is essential to ascertain success of the procedure. This is especially important if your partner has been advised by her doctor not to get pregnant for medical reasons. Details of collection centres and procedures for PVSA are on the Links page.  

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