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Is vasectomy painful?

Dr Burns prides himself on minimizing discomfort for his patients by using a minimally invasive and open ended technique to reduce post op pain. Dr utilizes an optional inhalational analgesic device as well as local anaesthetic blocks. This is a technique shown to him by Dr Mark Elvy of .The inhaled gas is an excellent analgesic and short acting sedative which allows the patient to relax during the procedure.


Is vasectomy safe ?
No procedure is without risk. Although vasectomy is very safe we aim to minimize any risk by using an accredited operating environment with appropriate sterilizing equipment, instruments and surgical nurse assistant. A very precise radiofrequency surgical device assists in controlling any bleeding that may occur as well as extremely accurate diathermy of the vas. High quality surgical loupes and headlight provide magnification and illumination of the surgical field.  
Dr Burns will discuss any risks in detail before proceeding however any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


When can I get back to work?
Usually within 2-3 days for office work and 1 week for manual work. No heavy lifting 7-10 days.


How long does a vasectomy take?

Whilst being a relatively short operation, Dr Burns allows an hour for the procedure to ensure a relaxed pace and attention to detail especially patient comfort. This is not a "quick snip".


Am I suitable?

Most men are suitable, however a full medical history as well as an examination will be undertaken prior to the procedure. Vasectomy is a permanent procedure and you will need to be fully informed.


Can I drive after the surgery?

Yes, however if sedation is required (5%), Dr Burns encourages patients to have someone drive them home. If this is not possible then after 90 minutes and an examination it is acceptable to drive home. 


How much is a vasectomy?

The initial consultation is bulk billed. The procedure is approximately $395 out of pocket to medicare card holders. Aftercare is included with access to Dr Burns via mobile phone should you require assistance. A script will be supplied for the optional analgesic device if requested to purchase from a pharmacy.


How long until I do a sperm test?

A sperm test is recommended at 12 weeks. You will be given instructions and a request form at the time of your vasectomy. 

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